Sunday, July 10, 2011

Me-Made-June '11 - Finale and thoughts

Okay, I realize we are well into July, but I still need to post the final pictures from June and give some thoughts on the experience.

First, what I wore:
  • Monday - Simplicity 2690 blue tunic dress, sewn 2010. I wore this earlier in the month, but didn't get a picture of it. So a slight cheat of the rules.
  • Tuesday - New Look 6811 denim drawstring pants, again; worn with RTW purple t-shirt, again
  • Wednesday - Vogue 8565 green rayon jersey top, again; worn with RTW white capri pants
  • Thursday - self-drafted brown twill skirt, again
My favorite outfit for the week was Thursday's. I think it embodies the direction that I'm trying to go with my style as of late. That is one of the things this month as really brought to my attention. Why do I like some outfits, but not others? How can I be more consistent? Am I really that unphotogenic or is it my clothes?

Ang, at youlookfab recently posted a challenge to list Five Adjectives to Define Your Style. I know that I prefer a modern, classic style. I have tried to add classic pieces to my wardrobe, but often end up with outfits that look too conservative, which is not really me. Casual clothes are a must. I'm drawn to making clothes much too nice for everyday wear, so I need to think about the practicality of what I make. Some of my favorite outfits for the month also had a feminine element to them. I'm not talking frilly or flowery, but a skirt or a fitted top...something to make me feel lady-like. I need to sew more dresses. Finally, there is a bit of a rebel in me. I have to be just a little bit different from everyone else. That is one of the reasons I love to sew my own clothes. Chances are very slim that someone in my small town (or in the world) will have something just like me. So with these five words in mind - modern, classic, casual, feminine, and different - I am re-evaluating what I wear and what I sew. I am having fun and looking more

The month at a glance.
Finally, some behind-the-scenes pictures for your enjoyment.