Saturday, May 1, 2010

My "Must Haves" for Summer 2010

It's rainy and the husband is busy grading final exams. So instead of enjoying an afternoon to myself sitting at the coffee shop with a nice mocha frappe, I'm writing this in my living room with the toddler sleeping on my lap listening to the dishwasher run and the dryer spin and the boy munch an apple. I will envelop myself in a cone of silence and try to get rid of some of the virtual post-it notes from my laptop screen.

A blog that I enjoy reading is Smiles Go With Everything. Diana is a newly graduated librarian (my dream job!) who also lives in The South and has a similar polished yet casual style that I admire. I purchased this bag on Etsy that she featured in a recent post. I love it, but secretly wish I'd gotten it in blue.

She has a list that she keeps called 2010 Wardrobe Gaps List. This helps her keep her shopping focused and on budget (another of her projects). I think this is a great idea. I don't like to shop for clothing much, but I do have a list of projects that I'd like to sew. Some are based on fabric/patterns that I've stashed and others are from trends lists such as Angie's list on You Look Fab. So as I was cleaning up from my wardrobe sewing marathon, I pulled together this list of projects to sew for spring/summer 2010 (in no particular order):

  1. dark denim pencil skirt - M5429 - need fabric
  2. white jeans - M5894 - need fabric
  3. inverted pleat skirt - OOP B3155 - olive stretch twill
  4. rouched waisted top - OOP B4914 - pink floral print jersey
  5. striped shirt - OOP B3344 - black and blue striped mesh knit
  6. casual knit top - S2690 - abstract floral print jersey
  7. knit skirt - OOP S4237 or B5101 - navy jersey
  8. six gore skirt - S5914 - large print black and white floral
  9. knit dress - S2443 - navy doubleknit
  10. denim shirt - M6035 - need fabric
  11. white jacket - not sure what pattern - need fabric
  12. another knit dress - either M6109 or M6112 - need pattern and fabric 
  13. vintage pajamas - in progress
  14. "utilitarian" jacket (military or safari) - completed 
  15. something lilac - (see #16) or coral - (see #14)
  16. a lacy shawl/scarf (such as the one below)
  17. vintage-style apron - such as S3544 - need pattern and fabric
  18. floaty top - S3751 - navy eyelet - need pattern and fabric

This is an ambitious list, but will add many wonderful pieces to my wardrobe.  Oh, and I'll probably sew a few things for the children. They need clothes, too, right?


  1. Ohh, is there a link to that beautiful scarf? I'd love to see a pattern for that!


  2. Amy - Here's a link for the scarf pattern. I've never knitted lace before, but I want to try.