Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Wardrobe 2010

Pattern Review is having another wardrobe contest! This time, the wardrobe is for 10 pieces: 4 tops, 4 bottoms, a topper (such as a jacket) and a bonus item. The added challenge is to include something "on trend." The contest runs from June 1 - August 31. My original plan for this contest was to sew pieces for the cooler weather ahead. But after posting my "Must Haves" for Summer I realized that I had enough projects already planned to create a wardrobe that I could also wear right now. It's too hot to think about woolens right now anyway.

The trends I will be incorporating are white jeans, denim on denim, and turquoise. To that combination I will be adding navy blue and red. The colors remind me of the Greek island Santorini. I've never been, but have seen beautiful pictures of the colorful buildings and deep ocean color. I was playing around with Polyvore the other night and came up with this inspiration board:

The items from my list include:
  1. dark denim pencil skirt - M5429 - need fabric
  2. white jeans - M5894 - need fabric
  3. striped shirt - OOP B3344 - black and blue striped mesh knit
  4. knit skirt - OOP S4237 or B5101 - navy jersey
  5. six gore skirt - S5914 - large print black and white floral
  6. knit dress - S2443 - navy doubleknit
  7. denim shirt - M6035 - need fabric
  8. white jacket - not sure what pattern - need fabric
  9. floaty top - S3751 - turquoise eyelet - need pattern and fabric
To this list I'm adding B5328 in a red stretch shirting fabric from my stash. I'm considering a different dress, too. I won't make a storyboard until I make my final fabric and pattern decisions. I'm looking forward to adding these pieces to my summer wardrobe.


  1. I love your inspiration board. Very pretty colors and styles. The patterns you've picked so far are great too. I considered B5328 for my own wardrobe, but ended up with too many tops. It's still one of my favorites :)

  2. I love the dress! I might have to snag that one for myself!

  3. I like your blog. Am I correct in thinking you're a homeschool mom? I was homeschooled, unschooled rather, with a great deal of influence from Charlotte Mason methods. Let me tell you, that stuff sticks with you. I have a hard time reading "fluff,"for example.

    Anyway, I like your storyboard. Nice and fresh.

  4. @Steph. I am a homeschooling mother and devotee of Ms. Mason. I love her philosophy and hope that her methods will bring lasting results with my children. It's hard to tell when you are in the midst of it. Thanks for stopping by!