Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Change is good

I have not given up on writing this blog. I find that I write more for quality than for quantity and given my limited time for writing, the posts I've been working on and wanting to work on are taking longer to write than I first thought. I am also making changes to the blog. Though all of the things I have been writing about are interesting to me, I realize that my readership may not be so diverse. So I am actually going to divide my writing up into three separate blogs. Measure for Measure will now be focused solely on sewing and fashion.  My food posts are going to move over to The Rainy Day Baker. And when I come up with a good name for my third blog my more poignant posts about my family, homeschooling, philosophy and stuff, will be there.  (Come on over to The Well-fed Mind!) Thanks for all who have been reading and commenting. It really encourages me to read your thoughts!

Finally, behind the scenes, so to speak, I have implemented a better schedule for sewing and writing in my daily life. Having time on the schedule for these activities is really helping me stay focused and getting things accomplished without feeling guilty that I am not with the children or husband 24/7. So, hopefully, I will be posting more frequently and sharing more projects with you. Stay tuned!

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