Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Advance 5985 - Finale

(For those of you just tuning in, the previous posts concerning these pj's are here (preview), here (fitting) and here (construction).)

This lovely vintage pattern became...

...these lovely vintage-inspired pajamas.

I am very pleased with these pajamas. I have been wanting some "real" pajamas for quite some time.  My usual pajamas are t-shirts, tanks, and yoga pants. That type of knit sleepwear is extremely comfortable, but I'm always a bit self-conscious about walking around the house in them, especially when traveling, or answering the door on those mornings when I've overslept. They just show too many lumps and bumps and saggy bits, in my opinion. These are nearly as comfortable as my knitwear and just right for summer.  The woven cotton stays cool. My children think I am wearing a Hawaiian shirt to bed and that they look more like day clothes than pajamas. (And perhaps so will the unexpected early-morning door knocker.) The husband only asked that I not move toward getting twin beds.

I would like to make this pattern again out of silk for the winter with a beautiful brocade or quilted "coolie coat" to wear around the house. But that project will not happen any time soon. It's too hot to even think about quilted anything and I've got nine pieces of a summer wardrobe to finish by the end of August.

In conclusion, I love the look of vintage patterns and the challenge they provide. I do miss the more thorough instructions and definitely the multi-sized and printed patterns that we have today. Though I used mostly the construction steps as written in the vintage pattern, I think I will try to do more modern techniques when applicable. I've learned that the old way is not always the best way. I know that many sewists have their favorite methods for putting in zippers or handling facings and always use those methods versus what the pattern instructions say. I need to start making note of the best ways for me to do those things and build my own library of techniques.

Up next, a knock-off of this lovely Boden skirt:

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