Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm back!!

I realize that is has been some time since I last posted.  Life always seems to keep me very busy in the fall and winter months. This year was no exception between moving to a new house and other outside engagements, I have not made much time to sew and work on projects. With the sunny days returning and the house getting in order, I am finally setting down some goals for sewing this year:

1. Finish at least one project for myself each month.
  I would love to complete another wardrobe contest, but more importantly...I just need new clothes! My fall/winter wardrobe is severely lacking. My spring/summer wardrobe needs new life. I have fabric and patterns and inspiration in abundance. What I seem to lack is time. My first main step, then, is to spend at least 30 minutes in my sewing room each day. (Yes, I now have a whole ROOM for sewing instead of the crammed corner of my bedroom.)  I will revamp my wardrobe, complete projects and use up my fabric stash (see goal #6).

2. Sew more for others
. I am not a "selfish" seamstress and actually enjoy sewing for other people. I  want to use my talents to benefit others and have a plan to do more sewing for charity projects, gifts, alterations, and custom sewing.  So far this year I have finished a scarf for a friend who moved away, hemmed four pairs of pants for a new client and altered a swim suit for another friend. These projects did not take much time and will be a blessing for them. I have a friend who sews purses with all the profits going to support missionaries. I've always admired that and will hopefully be doing something similar this year (perhaps opening an Etsy store).

3. Knit and crochet more.
I like to have a knitting or crochet project going that I can take with me when I'm out and about or while watching television.  As I said before, I finished a scarf in January and also started a baby blanket. The baby received two other handmade blankets at his baby shower, so I'm going to finish this one and donate it to a charity in his honor. I also want to finish the sweater I started for my youngest last year (I hope it will fit her!) and make a spring scarf for myself.

4. Sew more vintage patterns. I really enjoyed the challenge of my pajama project last year and hope to sew more vintage things this year. I have a couple of patterns from the 1970s that I want to do and a lovely number from the 1950s.

5. Review my projects. I have been away from the sewing community on PatternReview for a few months now. I have missed all their helpful advice and fellowship and want to post at least one project review each month on there (and here). This goes along nicely with goal #1.

7. Use what I have. I have not purchased any new fabric in a long time. In fact, I am not going to allow myself to buy anything new until I have used a good portion of what I have. I have so many projects started and planned, that I could probably sew for the rest of the year without buying anything new. I don't want to commit myself to that drastic a step, however, but I will make a dent, perhaps keeping track of the yardage that I use this year.

8. Blog more consistently. Finally, I want to share what I am doing on a regular basis. This will help me practice writing and give me accountability for my other goals. I plan to post three times each week. On Monday I will post about my "Mission" work.  I will post about my wardrobe plans and progress on Wednesday. Friday, will be a post about finished garments and/or a review.

Hope your year is getting off to a great start!
~ Jennifer

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  1. Love my scarf! You inspired me to finish one for a friend :)